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Reasons to participate in the 23rd Real Estate Expo 2024

7 Reasons to participate in the 23rd Real Estate Expo 2024

  1. The total worth of Bangladesh's real estate market is estimated at 58,000 Crore BDT with an annual growth rate of 15 – 17%. There has been a growth of 39% in the last five years in the supply of 1200 –1400 square foot Apartments.
  2. Dhaka and Chittagong are the two largest cities in Bangladesh, where the real estate business is booming. Dhaka and Chittagong’s ever-busy urban society has a significant demand for smaller apartments. First, the real estate market in Bangladesh spiked in 2006 and lasted until 2009, and then again in 2015 and lasted till 2018. In the years 2022-2025, we may expect a further increase.
  3. The Real Estate Expo is the Oldest and Biggest International Exhibition of its kind in Bangladesh serving the Real Estate sector of Bangladesh for the past 22 years.
  4. Attracted by the strong housing market in Bangladesh, more and more foreign real estate companies continue to come in – as industry people say there is around Tk30,000 crore more in the pipeline that is expected to flow in soon this year or the next.
  5. According to the United Nations' World Urban Prospects 2018, of the world's urban agglomerations with 300,000 inhabitants or more in 2018, the fastest growing city in the world is Rupganj, Bangladesh, which is expected to see a 9.35% increase for the period 2015–2020.
  6. The rising housing Market in Bangladesh is expected to be there for decades to come because according to UN data, 60 per cent of global population will live in cities by 2024. Dhaka's population by 2030 is projected to rise to 27.3 million due to the rapidity of the pace of urbanization.
  7. Participate in 23rd Real Estate Expo 2024. Meet and connect with potential buyers through the Expo.
Do not miss your chance to focus on the highly potential Bangladesh market.

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